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Avira PC Cleaner
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Avira Registry Cleaner is a support tool Avira to remove all known registry keys after uninstalling any Avira product. Sometimes it is required to remove and reinstall a product to solve a problem but as you probably know, just uninstalling a product with windows AddRemove programs doesn’t do the job entirely. If you need to reinstall any Avira product, then this can remove the leftover registry entries for you to achieve a truly complete uninstall. Registry entries often hold your settings for the program so removing these can assure you of a complete uninstall. Avira Registry Cleaner is portable, so you just need to double click and run it, and delete it when finished. You might want to right-click and “Run as Administrator.” the main window, you can manually select any product or select all. Supported products include Avira Free, Pro, Professional, Internet Security, Connect, Management Console, Software Updater, Phantom VPN, and more. After you have selected the desired products, clicking “Remove” will quickly delete all known registry keys and give errors when a key isn’t found. Finally, clicking on “Show details about removed registry keys” will show you the log file instead of just exiting. Avira Registry Cleaner is mostly for those who were asked by Avira support to use it to ensure a complete uninstall. Otherwise, there’s a lot of other applications that uninstall completely including IOBit Uninstaller and Revo Uninstaller. Whats New:
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