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Virtual Hidden Disk 1.0.0
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Virtual Hidden Disk is a simple option for creating password-protected storage via a virtual disk that can be used for your private and sensitive data. There are things that you would like kept out of reach for other users on your machine. A simple way to achieve this is to create a hidden disk with password-protection. You can store any type of data you wish and then keep it hidden. This disk will remain hidden, but you can make it visible on demand. There is no need to use any new hardware or format your current disks. Virtual Hidden Disk allocates space other disks to create the new virtual disk without the need for any special configuration or setup. The interface is intuitive allowing for near-instant setup of the virtual disk. And there is a failsafe for power outages. When an outage occurs, upon reboot, the disk will remain hidden — a simple and straightforward app for hiding data. Whats New:Homepage